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AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and Diplomate
(American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists)
Diplomate American Board of Sexology

S-E-X is really a thirteen letter word: Communication

In my thirty year career as a Sex Therapist, I have helped thousands of men, women and couples with concerns such as intimacy, lack of desire, body image, sexual addiction, early ejaculation, lack of orgasm, etc.

I specialize in sensual and sexual issues and employ a mind/body integrative approach to build a foundation for sexual healing. True change doesn't occur unless the mind, body and spirit are connected and working in harmony. My greatest success is when I help people reach their full potential.

Sex therapy is usually short term, ranging from one session to six months (possibly longer depending on the issue and individual). I offer tailored programs for individuals and couples, emphasizing an educational and experiential format that allows the client greater control over their healing.

My clinical experience is extensive. I have practiced in New York City and San Diego, and am currently practicing in Los Angeles. I am a book author, and have written many national magazine articles in addition to a series of sex education videos. I have been interviewed on local, national and international radio, television and internet media.

Over the years, I have also lectured at numerous prestigious universities and local colleges. I employ a team approach with physicians, urologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, etc. If you are currently seeing a therapist, I will work with him or her to assist and complement their therapy.

EEG Institute Trained

Neurotherapy uses cutting-edge computer hardware and software to teach your brain waves to guide you to the results you desire.

Neurofeedback can help you to relieve stress, pain and anxiety, improve concentration and accelerate innate capabilities in a completely relaxed setting. During a typical session, two non-invasive electrodes are placed on your head, then a game, music or video is played on a computer screen that reacts instantly to your personal level of mental activity. Treatment is fun and non-threatening, and results in feelings of peace and calm.

In time, the brain learns to self regulate, and ease of being, positive feelings, enhanced atitudes and quality of life begins to improve in everyday life, without any conscious effort.

Neurofeedback is a very powerful and effective treatment for a wide variety of issues, including hyperactivity, addictions, performance enhancement, relaxation, general health and maximum stress reduction.

American Board of Hypnotherapy Trained and Certified

I have over fifteen years of experience with advanced hypnotherapy techniques, including Erickson, Krasner, James, etc.

A trained hypnotherapist can help you to effortlessly access your unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy can help you to achieve a powerful state of heightened awareness to overcome resistance and release the root cause of your particular issue.

Hypnotherapy can help you to eliminate unwanted habitual behaviors or simply enhance positive ones. Guided relaxation and centering techniques are therapuetic and create the space for maximum potential.

Benefits include more confidence, goal attainment (lose weight, stop smoking, etc.), stress reduction, improved relationships, enhanced creativity, and improved sports, study and work performance.


In my therapy sessions, I strive to create a peaceful, safe environment where clients can realize their true potential, regardless of their individual issues.

I may utllize talking, dreamwork, breathing techniques, guided visualization, neurotherapy and/or hypnotherapy, depending on the individual and current circumstances.

In all my experience, I have learned one thing very clearly: the mind and body must be connected in order to connect with spirit, and realize the joy that is everyone's birthright.

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