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Male client: County health worker, single, age 45
Issue: Performance anxiety, intermittent impotence

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Bryce, for all the help you gave me.

The work that you did gave me a greater degree of confidence with intimacy and being in the moment.

As you know prior to our meetings, I was not doing well with my self confidence and self esteem. You taught me to be more present and more relaxed; consequently, I was able to overcome some of the stresses and anxiety about myself.

The work I learned from you on breathing helped me very much, in terms of being present. This in short was remarkable. As a result of that work I was less in my head and more attuned to the moment.

This work had a carry over effect, not just with intimacy issues but also dealing with things in everyday life, like job stress. Thanks very much, it is with great confidence and enthusiasm that I recommend your work to anyone dealing with anxiety, intimacy and self confidence issues.

Male client: Attorney, widower, age 67
Issue: Reviving intimacy after prostate surgery

I came to see you on the recommendation of my urologist after a total prostatectomy. I was experiencing severe anxiety about getting out into the dating scene and even though I can get an erection with injections, I still didn’t know how I would react with others. I felt withdrawn and disconnected with little arousal. My self awareness seemed to have evaporated.

I just want to say, “Thank you.” From the first session I felt very comfortable with you, and though I am reserved by nature I felt a sense of hope and possibility for my future. For me it was the focused sensing and breathing exercises that reawakened a feeling of discovery and aliveness, which I had forgotten. After our sessions I felt rested and renewed, some thing inside woke up. I even felt a bit enlightened. I realized that I had misplaced access to my senses, relying more on rote thinking, now I am equipped with skills that allow me to refocus myself so that I am more open to that experiential part of myself. Thanks again Bryce, I got what I needed.

Female client: Housewife, mother and journalist, age 42
Issue: Psychosomatic Illness (chronic vaginitis; childhood sexual abuse and intimacy distancing)

I was very discouraged when I first was referred to Bryce, because my symptoms had returned and I was avoiding sex again. However, I was also relieved to work on this area which I had put off for years, Bryce helped me deal with the primal fear lodged in the subconscious and amygdala, through a process of becoming more embodied and gaining physiological control over my fear response, until my frontal lobes could kick in. She taught me breathing exercises to expand my awareness and create more space and relaxation in my body, making more room for physical intimacy.

She also taught me to set incremental goals and anchors in my body so I could feel safe. I began to notice negative self talk and challenge my programming from my subconscious mind. I created positive sensual and sexual statements, visualized and mentally rehearsed in a step by step fashion how I could respond differently in sexual settings. As I depth-journaled with my subconscious, practiced my breathing, pelvic energetic exercises and visualizations, my symptoms abated and then disappeared. I thank Bryce for her loving encouragement during this difficult process. I realize now I am in the process of reclaiming my right to my sexual identity, which I had separated from who I was. I have more work to do but I am definitely on my way, having more choices around physical intimacy is very comforting for me.

Male client: Television executive, married, age 52
Issue: Adult ADHD; intimacy and communication concerns

I have been a client of Bryce Brittons for almost three years. Her innovative treatments
and therapies have helped me greatly, specifically her use of alpha/theta EEG training as an alternative to traditional and potentially dangerous drug therapies. When I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD in 2007, I was prescribed strong dosages of Strattera that produced numerous side effects that negatively affected my work and personal life and was otherwise ineffective. After several sessions of baseline establishment, she began a series of treatments that produced significant calming and focusing with none of the side effects that drug therapy produced, and I was able to get off the medication. Bryce’s combination of personal support and alternative treatment has been a tremendous help to me.

Female client: Self employed, age 40
Issue: Chronic illness; low self esteem

I started seeing Bryce Britton when the stress of living with a chronic disease and the new diagnosis of low estrogen became too much to handle. Through talk therapy as well as Alpha Theta treatments, I began to see almost immediate positive results. I am learning how to accept the realities of my condition and feel more "comfortable in my skin". When my stepfather was losing his battle with pancreatic cancer, it was Bryce who helped me deal with the process of saying good-bye and healing through the grief. I would and have recommended Bryce as a therapist for anyone who is dealing with issues of self-esteem, sexual frustration, traumatic loss and the harshness of Southern California living. 

Engaged couple: Actress, age 36 and real estate broker, age 34
Issue: Sexual issues and intimacy concerns

We came to see Bryce when we got engaged. Although we ‘knew’ we were soul mates there were some sexual issues and intimacy concerns that we wanted to discuss with a professional.

Both of us were drug addicts in our teens until our early twenties. When we entered counseling we had each been sober for about 13 years. We both realized that we had missed some critical development in terms of sexual awareness and relationship skills. We each wanted more sex and intimacy. We also wanted to have more fun in the bedroom.

As we met with Bryce, we openly shared our sexual anxieties, fears, and frustrations as well as our hopes, wishes and dreams for our future both sexually and for the relationship, this wasn’t that easy. Bryce created an open, loving and supportive environment that allowed us to share these most secret and sometimes scary parts of our self.

After a few sessions, we formed an intimate team and practiced sensory exercises (including breathing) that assisted us in making a connection to our body and our sexual self. In that process we learned how to connect with each other nonverbally and verbally, sharing what we liked and didn’t like. We learned how important it is to spend “quiet skin time” without the prospect of sex to deepen our energetic connection and trust.

After about 6 sessions we felt secure with our new sensual mind set and realized that we had laid the foundation for a long term pleasurable sexual connection, and it was up to us to water and fertilize the garden as we grow through our marriage and life. Thanks Bryce.

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